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Ingredients for Stunning Mobile Experiences - Header Image
Marketing 04 March
6 min read

Ingredients for Stunning Mobile Experiences

Interactive mobile experiences aren't as simple as branded content on a web page or app. With TapKit's mobile experiences, they require only a few, but key ingredients, to create successful mobile marketing campaigns with your products.
Will De Ath
By Will De Ath
Our Aim and Values - Header Image
TapKit 14 February
4 min read

Our Aim and Values

Our aim is to make our technology a completely revolutionary way to connect to customers through your products. To achieve this we put what we value first so you, as a business, can have everything needed to engage with your customers.
Will De Ath
By Will De Ath
10x10 Business Accelerator - Header Image
TapKit 21 February
2 min read

10x10 Business Accelerator

10x10 is a business accelerator programme based in the heart of Lincoln, UK. Being the first privately funded business accelerator in Lincolnshire, the team at TapKit sort the opportunity to get help from experts to grow the company strongly.
Will De Ath
By Will De Ath