Interactive mobile experiences for the physical world

Connect to your customers in revolutionary ways with smart packaging and smart points to give direct access to highly engaging interactive mobile experiences

Ways TapKit delivers value to your brand

We’re helping brands connect to their customers in revolutionary ways, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Stand Out
Stand out

Keep your products at the front of everyone else with our unique interactive mobile experiences built on your brand.

Stay connected
Stay connected

Stay connected to your customers, even after purchase, and get them to spend more time engaging with your brand.

Track data
Track data

Target demographics with dynamic experiences and harness data to track every interaction.

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Connecting to customers via interactive mobile experiences and smart points

We help brands connect to their customers via smart points to give direct access to bespoke and highly engaging mobile experiences created by TapKit.


Experiences allow customers to tap, swipe and play with a brand from a smart point and their phone to give them enhanced value from the brand.

Smart Points

Smart points of interest deliver mobile experiences from physical locations whereas smart packaging deliver from physical products

Engaging the customers of:
The Lincoln Distillery
Valley And Peak
Market Inn

How TapKit works with your brand

Idea conceptualisation and objectives

We help you define your objectives to then help us come up with some fantastically creative ideas on what mobile experiences will suit your products and brand best.

Mobile experience creation and smart point integration

Once the ideas are set, we then create your own bespoke and highly engaging mobile experience. We will also help you all the way with the integration of your smart points into your brand.

Release, connect and engage

Once created and integrated, your mobile experience is now live and ready to connect and engage with your customers in revolutionary ways.

Track data and optimise your experience

We’ll track the data flowing through your mobile experiences and smart points to help you understand your customers more and help us to optimise your experience even further.

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How we help brands

Increase customer interactions

Increase your customer interactions with creative mobile experiences accessed through your products with contactless technology. Stand out from the crowd with our technology on your products or brand and get customers attention

Build relevant experiences

Give your customers relevant experiences based on their current customer journey with your brand. Whatever stage your customers are in with your brand, target them with specific types of experiences to reflect their current stage with your brand or your products

Work with optimised tech

TapKit's technology is optimised for mobile first customers with a demand for fast and efficient content delivery. We use a combination of in-house built platforms and the most cutting edge technologies to optimise the delivery of your experiences

Brand engagements

Get your customers engaged with your brand with rich and compelling in-person experiences. Customers who engage with interactive mobile experiences become more loyal when experiences are full with great content

Greater memorability

Keep your customers loyal with experiences that increase your brand memorability with techniques to stay connected with your customers for longer. Great interactive mobile experiences will truly make your brand stand out and keep you in the mind of your customers

Track and target

Target specific demographics with dynamic experiences and harness data to track engagements and results. Gain data from real world interactions with your products like never before and track each individual product and its journey with a customer.

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